Musings – The path of my thoughts


This is more of where my mind is at – little extras into what I am thinking; maybe why. Ideas perhaps of what path I should follow as I try to document this incredible journey that I am undertaking. Started it a bit too late; but hopefully I can find notes and remember enough to really help move this cathartic process along; no matter where my search will lead or in the unfortunate event – NOT lead ….

the answers I seek are somewhere out there!

What I want to document

  • Original Story cut to DNA testing today.  Look who I found!! Many Wonderful  Primas / Primos – and they’re stories
  • The Story of Kathleen Lewis
    La Famiglia – upstairs on the second story – the only life I  have ever known – Thankful to my Life Sustaining Tribe!
  • Life Goes On — IVF And Our Miracles  – Puppies & Ewoks too! Bye Loco, we miss you Monroe

Parts that make up the Whole:

  • My spouse & kids
  • Triad
  • Rev P
  • Gardening
  • Things I love!!!
  • Reading
  • BAMMM!!!! [cooking]
  • Buddha
  • KIIIIAAAAA!!! I miss studying Martial Arts
  • Rainbow

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