23andme – 1116 matches;  FTDNA – 396 matches;   Gedmatch – 1500 matches.

Who are these people, do they know something?

I look at the results and I look at them – wanting the answers – waiting for them to JUMP right out at me –

Reaching out, asking questions, comparing chromosomes.

I sit and I wait

and I am still waiting

I am still overwhelmed by this information and still unsure how to accurately maneuver around it, in it, next to it.



2 thoughts on “Numbers

  1. Thank you! Ancestry is my next step – I am giving it to the new year. I am as close as 3rd cousins so far. I am thrilled for your friend. Wishing her well in uncovering the past!! It is so amazing; I am on a few adoption pages on FB and so many people bash the process; but I feel like they are in denial of the alternative of those children NOT adopted. I am sure your kids really appreciate you!!


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