Tell me who I am:

A product of love;

A result of uncontrolled lust?

A quest

A search

Where life began?  Mine.

A quest to find her – hopes not to diminish

With the bearing of bad news.

A skeleton memory in a dark closet

buried away – is me.

Pictured in my mind is She

Soft quiet woman

A warm face, a smile

disturbing a domestic moment

in Her casual, but comfortable life.

A projected conversation

filled with emotion

years of catching up;

not knowing; wondering,

Caring in a strange-

removed sort of way.

How to equate this upcoming experience-

Meeting of the hearts that once had beat

as one.

Although, I have lived

Amongst its midst,

There is still much to be learned of human behavior.

The reality of a letdown

governs my thoughts.

My mind still naive and young

So filled with apprehension

The desire for knowing You

has not diminshed

Because, unselfishly

you increased

my chances for survival.

For now to scrutinize the faces of women

that may just be you

will have to satisfy my desires

When grown older and wiser

to seek your presence

But, only if in agreement,

Will I.

When young

taking a punishment felt undeserved

Wishing for You to save me from ‘this’.

My Unseen Heroine

You shall remain, for now.


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