Circle Getting Bigger – More to Wonder About!!


As always, I am excited to see the numbers go up on my 23andme & FTDNA account. I also log into my Gedmatch account to see if there is anyone new there.

I remember that I should remain calm with little to no expectations; after all, it’s been about a year now since I started the path down the DNA road. The new additions are stragglers to the names and connections already established. I have probably gotten all I will get; must keep my hopes in check. Take a deep breath; try to slow down my heartbeat as I look with anticipation for any updates, new additions, a gedcom added in; another clue to be investigated.The days have turned into months and years passing by; time is running out. Memories of those that might know will not be what they once were but I have no control.

I wonder are public on 23andme?

I wonder common relatives we share?

I wonder what info they have posted on FTDNA – many times it is blank – do they have their farthest known ancestor?

I wonder is this my mother’s side or my father’s?

I wonder what is their nationality?

! wonder – where are they from?

I wonder are they from the NY area?

I wonder do they have a family tree?

I wonder does it go back far enough that I might be able to find a common ancestor?

I wonder how accurate the relationship status is?

Mostly I wonder; is this the person that holds the key???


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