My search continues …

With great assistance from cousins – newly found and those plugging away to help me; sincere assistance offered by their generous hearts!  ♥

With a hint or two from a P.I. I continue my search for my truth

I relish the relationships I have been fortunate to cultivate. These new found cousins I gladly call friends – we email, talk, text, FB and meet when we can. Some I can no longer refer to as new … for they have been there since the beginning of my DNA journey. 

But there is a glimmer of hope that my truth is not as far as it was when I began this journey

Always saddened that I didn’t know my true surname/s – or any surnames of the lineage of my original tribe – but now I do

  • Urdaz aka Urdoz

  • Correa

  • Rivera

  • Miranda

They have been added to my DNA profiles at FTDNA, 23andme and Ancestry.

I continue plugging away, reaching out and asking for tidbits of info – never knowing where they will lead me.

For now I graciously and happily accept that all arrows are pointing to the fact that 

I am the great granddaughter of

Hipolito Rivera b. 1866 & Francisca Correa y Urdaz b. 1865,

both from Arecibo, PR.


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