A Woman of Two Tribes and One Quest Grateful to the Life Sustaining Tribe; In Search of the Tribe That Gave Life – My First Tribe


I am adoptee; this is my quest to find my biological parents! My first TRIBE!

When I started my Zen training many years ago and I had sesshin sessions with my then teacher – a man who did this from the heart – Rick Hart – he asked me the old koan –

What was your face before you were born?

As I think back to this; I had taken it so literally for so long it was hard to let go of preconceived notions and pictures of an actual face in my head.

As koans go; this is a perfect one to help you struggle through the various stages of letting go to such notions and to see what’s behind the ‘curtain’.

Now, I ask myself what was my face in my original story – but that question will take more than just me contemplating the question – I will need to find some truths – my truth – my first my original story!

This is the my story to find my story – this is me trying to fit in puzzle pieces from info gathered from searching out DNA  relatives from  23andme.com, FTDNA.com, Gedmatch.com and querying them. My adoption records, county records, newspaper story when I was found, and years later when I was the topic of a ‘Thanksgiving’ story in the local paper. The people I have met along the way helping, advising, giving me ideas or sparks that led to my own epiphanies. My supportive family of the story of the only life I have ever known – my upstairs or my second story – or La mia vita – parte 2!! [Italian for ‘My life – part 2]


Musings – The path of my thoughts


This is more of where my mind is at – little extras into what I am thinking; maybe why. Ideas perhaps of what path I should follow as I try to document this incredible journey that I am undertaking. Started it a bit too late; but hopefully I can find notes and remember enough to really help move this cathartic process along; no matter where my search will lead or in the unfortunate event – NOT lead ….

the answers I seek are somewhere out there!

What I want to document

  • Original Story cut to DNA testing today.  Look who I found!! Many Wonderful  Primas / Primos – and they’re stories
  • The Story of Kathleen Lewis
    La Famiglia – upstairs on the second story – the only life I  have ever known – Thankful to my Life Sustaining Tribe!
  • Life Goes On — IVF And Our Miracles  – Puppies & Ewoks too! Bye Loco, we miss you Monroe

Parts that make up the Whole:

  • My spouse & kids
  • Triad
  • Rev P
  • Gardening
  • Things I love!!!
  • Reading
  • BAMMM!!!! [cooking]
  • Buddha
  • KIIIIAAAAA!!! I miss studying Martial Arts
  • Rainbow