Happy Birthday Ewoks! Their Adoption Story!


Our puppies, lovingly referred to as Ewoks, because they resemble the cartoon / Star Wars characters if the same name.
Eight years ago this upcoming Thanksgiving we became the proud owners of brother & sister, Java & Kona.

I wonder sometimes, is it fair that we took them from their mom, their siblings, their pack. That not only have we separated them from their biological family, but have tried to ‘re-wire’ their thinking, their actions; essentially their innate nature!

Is it right that we consider them property? After all they are living breathing beings that require food, water and some kind of relationship. Who is to say they need to be complex or be able to do what we do. They are beings filled with emotion; with their own minds, their own likes & dislikes, their own personalities.

Well, they are ours because of a fondness, a bit understated, we have for them and they for us. They aren’t objects or possessions; they are our furry children. We care for them, look out for them, consider their best interests, take them on vacations with us because we love them they are part of our family.

But, we are not there biological parents. Do they miss their family? Did we have the right to separate them?
It’s too late now for these two; but I am sooo happy we have them in our lives!