Two Tribes One Woman Confused Heritage


It’s been amazing to learn of my original heritage. It’s a heritage full of culture, passionate people, beautiful island.

But for fifty years; I have been submersed in another culture, different foods, language, similar but different traditions.

I find comfort in what I know; although everyday I try to learn more about my original beginnings and celebrate it; I am still a visitor.


Bridging the Gap Between My Two Tribes!


I reached out Irene – a cousin of a 1st cousin by marriage, her paternal 1st cousin; from my Life sustaining tribe – and also she is also a cousin from my original tribe. There is definite genetic & paper trails to her maternal grandmother.

I gave Irene the outline of my adoption; how we are connected through both my tribes and a little of the travels on this path.

I received a very positive uplifting response from Irene and value it more than I can actually convey at this time. No matter our connection; she considers me a cousin!

My world has always been about less than the predicted 6 degrees of separation – and so that trend continues.